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So about four months ago I bought 2 670's by Gigabyte and they have been performing outstandingly until a few days ago one broke. I am still within the warranty period and could request an RMA, however I bought the card in the US and live in Brazil. I know some companies like EVGA and Corsair do support international customers and would provide me with a new product no problem, but I'm not sure about Gigabyte. They say they have Global Technical Service and Global Support and when I sent them a message, I had the option of choosing Brazil as the country, but when I go to the Warranty section, it says they have Global Support, but I can only choose between US or Canada when entering my address.

Does anyone have any experience or just happens to know anything about Gigabyte's customer support and whether they could be of any use to me with this particular problem? Thanks in advance for the help guys!