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[FREEBIE] AeroFS Invites - A Windows Live Mesh Replacement

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Mods - feel free to move if not in the right place

I know many of you may have used Live Mesh to sync data across your PCs bypassing the cloud altogether, however Microsoft retired the program pushing the move to SkyDrive. SkyDrive is an excellent tool, but as of currently does not support peer-to-peer sync. For those who want to bypass the cloud like me, there is AeroFS to the rescue!

final product is out and available to all


It Just Works

AeroFS is like a magic folder. Anything you place in AeroFS will automatically sync between your personal computers, and anyone you invite to share with.

Unlimited Syncing

With AeroFS you can sync as much data as you want. Whether it's 100GB, 1000GB, or more, AeroFS lets you sync all the data on all of your computers for free. No caps. No file size limit.

Ultimate Privacy

Everything you sync using AeroFS is private, and will only be shared with people you explicitly invite. That means that we will never see, or store your files. We can't even see your file names. AeroFS is the perfect tool for your sensitive data.

Unlimited Version History

With local version history you can recover previous versions of any file in your AeroFS folder, whether it's been a day, or a year! Your available disk space determines how much history AeroFS keeps.

End-to-end Security

Your data is encrypted over the network to stay safe from eavesdroppers. AeroFS uses AES-256 with 2048-bit RSA to create secure connections directly from one device to another. Because encryption is end-to-end, even we can't see your data or even file names.

A Private Cloud for Your Business

Need to manage multiple users? Control sharing outside of your team? Auditing? Backup for all your employee devices? Then AeroFS Business solutions may be for you.

How does AeroFS work?

Technically, AeroFS creates fully decentralized filesystems: All the computers you install AeroFS on contribute to your private filesystem.

Communication happens directly among devices regardless of whether you're on a corporate LAN, on the Internet, or in any other network.
AeroFS can still sync, even when our servers are down.
Try it yourself: Unplug your home network from the internet and watch as AeroFS still happily syncs files across your home computers in this isolated network.




If you need an invite let send me your email by PM or post in the thread. There is no limit on number of invites at this point in time.

@Mods- invites provide no benefit to me, just wanted to share with the OCN community.
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final product is out and available to all
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