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hey, im curious if the problem is with the motherboard or videocard, ok now i just got a new Gigabyte 7970 Ghz edition card which is pcie 3.0 and 16x, prior to this card i had a radeon 5870 pcie 2.0 and 16x now that card shows as (PCI-E 2.0x16@x16 2.0) with the GPUZ, now when i install my gigabyte 7970 card it only reads as (PCI-E3.0x16@x8 1.1) but 3.0 when running 3D application. My question is why is the motherboard only detecting the 7970 as an 8x card and not full 16x lane? how can that be changed to 16x like my old card detected? thanks to anyone that could help or had any to same problem