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Due to some set of circumstances ... BEER SPILL smil3dbd4e4c2e742.gif … my razer blackwidow is out of commission. After using the keyboard for some while, I think I fell into a bit of a tourist trap in buying that keyboard. That keyboard reeks of the stench of substandard quality and mass produced general consumer hyped appeal. It’s kinda of like beats headphones (sorry I’m a bit of an audiophile). I don’t mean to sound like a snob but essentially I’m looking to avoid falling for the same trap and I'm looking to buy a keyboard that exemplifies true typing fidelity. I feel my unfortunate beer spill is a bit of a blessing in disguise (well not to my wallet whistle.gif).

My Mechanical Keyboard History:
1) Razer BlackWidow Ultimate

My keyboard uses cherry MX blue switches. Therefore I’m most used to and familiar with the blue switches. I’ve also tried cherry MX brown and red switches before (albeit briefly – mashing on a few open keyboards for display). However, this was some time ago and at that time I had just bought my first mechanical keyboard and I was transitioning and adjusting my habits from my soft membrane keyboard to the mechanical keyboard. At that time I was more inclined towards the tactile feedback that the blues and brown offered. I felt the MX reds were quite soft and membrane like (again I was quite new to mechanical keyboards and still adjusting)

I’m thinking of going for MX brown switches this time. However, feel free to suggest any type of switches. Most electronic stores near me don’t carry any proper mechanical keyboards so I won’t be able to extensively test them out beforehand. I also feel that it takes a few hours to adjust between switches and typing on an open keyboard that isn’t hooked to anything doesn’t give anybody the chance to properly gauge the keyboard switch feedback. So I’m open to any type of switches.

Please recommend some keyboards for me.
What I am looking for:
1) High Quality Mechanical Keyboard good for typing and gaming.
2) Reliable and sturdy
3) Typing Fidelity (a true typing experience)
4) ANSI layout
Preferred but not necessary.
1) Easy to buy in the USA (I have amazon prime membership if that helps)
2) Good customer service
I’d ask for bells and whistles (media and backlit lights) but I know that most true mechanical keyboards keep it simple and don’t offer that sort of thing.

What I’m currently looking at.
1) WASD Custom Keyboard
2) Filco Keyboard
I’ve heard great things about these keyboard. From the research I’ve done, these 2 brands seem to be the preferred keyboard for many mechanical keyboard users. For those who have experience with both of these keyboards, which one do you prefer and which one would you suggest for me? Or should I just get something else?
3) DAS Keyboard

Oh, I've also learned to keep my beverages under and far away my keyboard.
Thanks alot guys!

Edit: Sorry! I did not see this thead
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