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I'm in a position in my life where I need to go somewhere with myself. I've achieved, and then lost two amazing opportunities in my life and I don't want to work minimum wage the rest of it.

I've always been interested in electronics, going so far as to completely disassemble four home computers throughout my early teenage years, and on my first few attempts unsuccessfully put them back together. I then got more subtle in my bid to find out how computers work, especially with punishment lingering over my shoulder if I did something wrong.

Since I've always been interested in computers, especially more so the hardware side than software, I've recently contemplated going for a BS in EE. I know a lot of math is involved, and while math was never my strong suit (History was), how well I did depended a lot on my teachers. Later in highschool math became a lot easier because I had better teachers, but I never got a hard on figuring math problems out so to speak.

Working long hours is not a problem, I've had jobs where 16 hour days while uncommon did happen, and the workday was always at a bare minimum 12 hours long. I know this is a long read but I want to give anyone knowledgeable enough to answer this thread enough information to make as much of a educated guess as possible. If anyone with an EE degree is willing to PM with me the requirements and expectations of this degree along with the career paths opened by it, I would be grateful.