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Hey guys, I recently upgraded a few things on my pc and rebuilt it. The memory/mobo/cpu all stayed the same, it was just a 2nd video card and added some more to my WCing loop. After rebuilding, leak testing, and then booting back up (waiting the proper 12-24 hours), my pc wouldnt boot. It was stuck in a restart loop giving me a memory failed boot error. This was with al 4 stick in the slots. After playing around, it now boots but only using slots 3 and 4. All four sticks are good and working after passing memtest once booted into three and four. Any idea as to what it could be? All slots worked perfectly fine before the rebuild. I also have a second problem unrelated to the memory (I think). After installing a second 670 for SLI, I have noticed a performance loss in unigine heaven. Before, each card individually was lingering around 850 before any OCing tweaks on heaven 4.0. Now combined they are barely breaking 800 with an average fps of 30. On 3dmark it shows the correct scaling now reaching over 100 fps. Unigine seems to maybe not be recognizing the sli or something? Not 100% sure.

CPU: i5-3570k
Mobo: Asrock Extreme4 z77
RAM: 4x4 G.Skill Ripjawz 9-9-9-24
GPU: 2 GTX 670
PSU: Seasonic 1050w