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STH10 Rad Placement

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Hi All,

I recently purchased an STH10 Magnum and I had a question about Rad placement. I am planning to put a 360 with fans pushing air and also using 2 480s on the bottom in push pull, pushing air in from outside and out to middle or bottom.

I wonder if this will create a lot of heat inside the case. Should I go with fans pulling air from the front mounted 360?

Also, should I push air in on one 480 and pass through to the 2nd rad and out the other side? Push fans-> Rad -> pull fans -> push fans -> rad -> pull fans out of case

I know reusing air isn't ideal but from what I gather others have done this (I think) and u don't notice too much of a performance hit cept maybe a couple degrees. If I push air into both rads from outside and pull to bottom center should I pop out the bottom fan covers to vent?

Sorry to be noob but this is my first case labs case and I want to do it right.
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I have my STH10 setup with 4 360 Rads. Two top and two bottom both running 1 set of fans in a push pull setup. I have yet to see any issues with temps and am pleased with how it turned out. My cpu runs around 21c and my GPU is around 26c at idle. Not seen either go higher the 40c while playing any games. had the bottom plate removed for a while and just added it back on the case and have seen no difference in temps or air flow. Just dust... In-pull fan-rad rad-push fan-out
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