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I posted about this on Tom's hardware and someone mentioned he thinks a lot of people have this card here.
I purchased a 7950 twin froze about 2 weeks ago and had to RMA it for an new one. it came in yesterday and I was very excited for it, the device works properly, however it gets HOT as well as loud. I've read many things where people will claim (same card) keeping their fans speed at like 60% and its inaudible and they will get temps no higher than 70 degrees Celsius. My card is loud at 50-55% fan speed and extremely loud at 60+ and temps on the upper 80s and I think I even saw 91degrees once. Mind you this is not even benching... this is all just games. I don't think my case circulation is the issue, storm scout 2 with an exhaust fan on the side panel and a few other fans as well. Thank you for any help!