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Yes boys, I know you have a little time, but I need at least three more samples to have relevant data.

So download it from here!QJgXSTjL!berfU1KkBqBqrtTSQA1-Uh762A4yIVWgMvZYOyghkoY

Look if you have Java 7 x64 on your computer. (or OpenJava)

Now, run "pack" if you have 2 cores, "pack4C" if you have 4 cores. If you have more, you know the drill. I updated the benchmark to work up to 12 hyperthreaded cores thus everyone can participate.

Then in the second step, disable hyperthreading, and run proper benchmark.
For example, people who had 4 physical cores/8 virtual cores would run "pack8C" first, then they would run "pack4C". (when in doubt consult "task manager", performance tab)

It will generate html files, copy 10 first lines from each file and post it here (or on

Now the important part. I received some tests from laptops and it gave really weird results. Thus if you have laptop, write a short summary of power saving features that were active during tests. (Or Intel could do something really weird with boost on some laptops, who knows.)