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What temps aren't safe any more? I'm a little unsure of my airflow within the case... And also unsure about the direction of my 212...
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Sorry for double post... Phone refreshed
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I wouldn't go above 60*c with the FX.

post some pics.....
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I have it setup so that the 212 is blowing air through the sinc and onto the fan that blows air out the top of the case in hopes that it will pull some heat off the video card as well. Ill definitely break out the canon tonight and post some pics.
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Just a little unsure of the direction of every fan I should look into that more. I also have another fan laying around that I can use if it would be helpful at all...
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we have similar fans....look at my pics. the direction of airflow is pretty obvious. remember to have more fans pulling in air than out.

also in your bios you can adjust fan settings, have it on turbo or to max @60*c.

I really think your overclocks are hindered by voltages and maybe some bios settings not being right.

google search everything to do with overclocking and read till your eyes hurt (heard that somewhere else lol)

just found this http://forums.overclockers.co.uk/showthread.php?t=18043636
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Do NOT use Prime95 of FX series CPUs, use Intel Burn Test, much more reliable for FX series
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Home from work, Time to let the fun begin. Give me a moment and I will get some pictures up smile.gif
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Here is my setup.
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does that fan mount any other way? maybe putting the hsf on the bottom sucking air in through the sink, and letting the two case fans next to it suck air out.

bit of cable management wont go a miss. maybe moving that stick of ram to a more suitable place instead of up against the heatsink.
(btw what gig/speed is that ripjaw? I also have one 4gb 1600 stick I was trying to find another or sell mine)
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