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CPU overclock settings in BIOS do nothing

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Hi, idk if this belongs here or in the AMD CPU subforum. Please move the thread accordingly.

I'm trying to overclock my Phenom II BE by the multiplier/voltage method in BIOS (see signature for rig details). The wording in the BIOS is kind unclear, but I've been modifying the CPU Ratio, setting the voltages to "manual" instead of "offset" and then increasing the CPU voltage.

When I save the BIOS and reboot, nothing has changed. I open CPU-Z and the frequency and voltage are both at stock. What's going on here? I've fiddled around quite a bit and nothing ever seems to stick.



Alright, this is weird. I put my computer to sleep, and when I came back to wake it up suddenly the settings were applied. I tested this by rebooting a few times and with different OC profiles, and it does this consistently. After a boot, the CPU runs stock, but once I put it into a sleep state (and back out) it suddenly overclocks. What gives?

edit: The voltage is still at stock. This is strange.
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I apologize for bringing up an old thread but I am having this exact same problem. I have searched for hours and haven't found a solution. I have cleared the cmos and updated the bios to no avail. No matter what I do when I change the bios settings and boot up my PC the settings are not saved or applied.
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Yeah, I never figured out what was going wrong here. I'm planning to switch my rig over to Intel soon anyway, and in the meantime I'm using software overclocking via AMD Overdrive. I know that's a very unpopular move with people on this site, but I've never really had a problem with it.
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Which BIOS version you have? Perhaps there is a BIOS update which fixes this bug.
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I'm not sure that this is really a bug. I had a problem in the past where my BIOS perpetually thinks there is a new CPU installed. In order to get it to proceed with booting and not go into the setup utility, I had to change a setting that caused it to ignore the message. Apparently there is a sensor that measures vibration or something and infers that the CPU is newly added and has not settled in. Seems mine was faulty. I'm assuming this is related, it is probably starting up with default CPU settings as a result.

Also, it is probably worth noting that I've been using a processor with a broken pin all this time. I was removing the cooler and it just yanked the CPU out of the socket with it. The pin is on core 4/4, and it doesn't really seem to affect anything unless it's under a lot of load (and then I have occasional crashes). I'm guessing it's a carry-out that doesn't get used much, or something like that. Or it may be a ground, idk.

So that could be related too, although I doubt it because there are others with this problem. Also for future reference to anyone reading this thread, in case my rig has changed by then, I am using a Phenom II X4 965 and an Asus M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 mobo.
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