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I have recently purchased a Diamond reference 7970 and decided to try my luck with overclocking it. With GPU-Z, the ASIC rating is pretty low at 61.8%. I have been able to push the card to 1125/1575 via Trixx, at it's stock voltages (1.175v). At 50% fan speed, its stable in Heaven, with the maybe a stray artifact in the entire benchmarking test (Ultra settings). However, I cannot for the life of me seem to get the card to go past 1125 core without consistant artifacting/locking up, voltage adjustment or not. I bought this card after several reccomendations saying that it is an excellent overclocker. I'm fairly new to OC'ing, but I know that I want to be in the 1200 mhz core range. I am new to overclocking, I must ask: am i missing something? Is it worth an RMA? Any advice is welcome!