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Fitting the Corsair H100 on Zalman Z9 Series (GUIDE)

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Yesterday I got my Corsair H100 Water Cooling Kit. Thing is, I knew it didn't fit but I didn't really care. Here's how I did it. You can also use this a small guide or reference.

Here is my PC with the side cover off:

And this is the Corsair H100:

First step is to strip it naked. Motherboard, drives, powersupply, etc (Using a grinder, later on):

Then, see where the your H100 would fit, look where the screws would fit more appropriatly:

Start cutting a hole in the back so you can pass your radiator through and the liquid tubing:

Pass your radiator through the hole and screw everything in place.

Now take the plastic top of the Z9 case, take the mesh metal grill off completely by bending the fins under the plastic hood:

Now, you can take your grinder and cut the plastic of the hood up to the front, measure 13 inches from the back. It should look like this:

Once that is done place the hood back on top and around the H100. It will look like this:

Once that is done you can start hooking everything back up:

Now of course when everything is done, I thought wow, the radiator is really exposed and depending where the PC is, if something falls on that radiator,
well, it's gonna get pretty messed up. So let's go for a push and pull setup! (2 extra fans on top for extra cooling and protecting the radiator) :

FX-8120 with stock fan and stock voltages: 25C Idle, 86C on Load.
FX-8120 with H100 with push and pull setup, 7C on Idle afte 2 hours, 22C on Load
FX-8120 with H100 with 1.37V V-Core, OC'ed to 4.0Ghz, 14C on Idle 29C MAX, 24C Average, on Load playing Crysis 3 and leaving it over night on highest settings.

Results with FURMARK to come. Enjoy! biggrin.gif
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Furmark is a GPU testing program, and will not even stress the CPU past 20%....

Those temperature readings are absolutely pointless as the thermal sensors are only accurate at high temps and as you have not stress tested the CPU, it is still cold.

Try testing again using Prime95, as this is a CPU stress testing program. Use HWMonitor to find out your temps. Its the Core temperatures/Package temperatures you want to keep under 61'c. CPUtin under 70'c.
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I have this same case, and for the last 2 years I've been using air cooling. This past week I upgraded to a LEPA Aquachanger 240 and this guide saved me alot of headaches. Just wanted to say thanks for putting it out there so when people like me run into the same problem, there's a solution to be found. It only took 45 minutes and 1 or 2 curse words, and everything is nice and cool now. thumb.gif
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