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gtx 660ti pe OC

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I have a MSI 660ti pe (non factory OC) that I recently started overclocking and I was looking for some help/advice as I try to get the most out of it. Using after burner 2.3.1 I was able to get a stable OC in heaven 4 of +86 core +262 memory. This makes it gpu clock 1001 mem 1633 boost 1066. I saw other posts on this forum with the same card getting much higher results and was stumped as to how. I learned that using afterburner 2.2.3 would allow me to actually change the voltage. Now my question is do I change all three voltages? Do I just set them to max? What are my risks especially with the story with msi overvolting their 600 cards that caused a big uproar? Is the card limited by temperature or are there other factors to watch? Also is heaven 4 the best way to check stability?

Overall i'm looking for a stable 24/7 OC to use for gaming. Something that will get the most performance out of my card without frying it or threatening the lifespan too much.
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Constant overvolting is not great for a GPU.

For my overclock (1333 MHz on Core 7200 MHz effective on memory - so it's +110 offset for core and +600 offset for memory) I used:

MSI AB 2.2.3

Core voltage: +60Mv
Memory voltage: +30Mv
Aux Voltage: Stock (+0Mv)

But on newest nvidia drivers (314.22) I started to artifact in World Of Tanks so I backed down. Today I'll go back to 306,97 drivers because any newer seem to be crap in some way.

Everything depends on the chip You got. Some clock like crazy (I even managed to do 1400 MHz on core but it crashed after 3 runs of Heaven)

and some can't do more than +10 offset.
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