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Overclocking a Pentium T3400 in a laptop...

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Hi everyone, I'm not really sure where to post this, if I posted it in the wrong place then please let me know so I can move it. I already searched the forums a bit for answers, but I couldn't really find any satisfying ones. If someone has already answered something like this, please let me know so I can check that out.

I'd really like some help in overclocking the CPU in my dusty old laptop. I don't have any overclocking experience, but I've read quite alot about it. I KNOW that overclocking a laptop is pretty much never recommended, mostly because of cooling issues. However, I honestly think my computer can handle a tiny bit of overclocking with the external fan it's sitting on.

To be clear, the goal of overclocking this laptop is not so it can run the latest AAA+ games in full settings, really I just want to experiment and see if I can get Battlefield 3 running at stable framerates at minimum settings. I've already tried to overclock it via the BIOS, but there are no such settings for me to change in there. I'm probably not running the latest BIOS version, but honestly I'm not sure how to update it.

Here are my specs:

Intel Pentium T4300 (2.1GHz, 800MHz FSB)'

ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570 (up to 1791MB HyperMemory, not so sure what HyperMemory means, but I'm assuming it's really alot less than 1791MB pure power)


Not sure how to find out what motherboard I have, but it's an Acer Aspire 5738ZG laptop, so maybe it's google-able.

And please, no comments like "your computer sucks", "you will/should never overclock this" or "**** noob". I know my computer sucks, that's why I'm experimenting a bit with overclocking. I know it's bad to overclock laptops since they might break, but frankly I don't care much. And yes, I'm a noob, that's why I'm asking for some assistance.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: Recently read that "Intel-manufactured boards do not allow OC'ing." Is this true? frown.gif
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Its not that "its bad to overclock laptops because they might break" its that 99% of laptops do not have any overclocking options in the BIOS. You could try using software like clockgen but it doesnt always work.

Watch your temps carefully, most regular laptops run hot even at stock speeds.
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Yeah, I just tried using clockgen but I guess I did it wrong since it caused my computer crashed... Will look into it further with proper temp tools some time during the weekend, and get back with results. Finding my PLL is a bit of a hassle with Clockgen, do I have to do this with all OC software or is it just Clockgen? Also, any recommendations on stability testing software or temp reading software?
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