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Hey everyone, I've been lurking around these forums for a few months reading countless threads about Korean monitors but I couldn't find much info about the Onevision iMON 27" display. The best I found were 2 post saying it should be the same as all the other LG panels, but I noticed all the other panels are S-IPS and this one claims to be an H-IPS panel. I was trying to decide between the


QH270-IPSI Achieva ShiMian 27"

And the

Onevision Korea iMON 270 IPS

I decided to go with the iMON monitor since the starting price for these is usually $429 or higher and at the time I ordered it it was $329. Also, there is a ton of information regarding the Achieva ShiMian and Crossovers/Catleaps but not much regarding the iMON so I figured once it comes in I could do a review.

I was wondering if perhaps I missed something in all my research and the reason no one talks about these monitors is because they are crap compared to the Catleaps and ShiMian? Has anyone already done a write up or review on the iMONs?

Sorry for yet another post regarding Korean IPS Displays, I know the forum is filled with them but I just couldn't find any threads with info on the iMON.