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Build for the old man

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My pop loves to play his flight simulator games... there's a new come coming out that's pretty graphics/sound intensive and he'd like to upgrade his old computer.

He needs a CPU, graphics, memory, mobo, PSU (probably), and would LIKE a sound card. A solid state HD might not be bad either.

There isn't really a strict limit, but nothing too fancy.

I'd like to go intel, but honestly, he won't know the difference and AMD is a little cheaper... what do you guys think?

Here's what I've come up with on PCPartPicker: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/MEHB

Input would be great, I dont know much about sound cards.

I doubt he'll be needing aftermarket coolers on anything. No plans whatsoever to OC.
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Looks fine. But I'd go with 8G RAM if you wanted to save a little $. As well as getting rid of the APU and go phenom x4/6, fx-6300, or i3 ivy.
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