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Felt compelled to clean this thread up a bit. Seems I never fail to write a paragraph where a sentence will do. Long story short. Just picked up the ZXR sound card and a pair of headphones. Overall very impressed. The one gripe I have is with the sound quality I'm getting from the included microphone. While a perfectly fine microphone, due to the device's distance from my face and its proximity to the PC tower, I've had to make compromises in the software settings that result in my voice sounding either distorted or faint. Rather than go the direction of a clip-on mic, I thought I'd splurge a bit on a quality microphone to capture not only my voice for the purpose of Skype / Team Speak, but also recording instrumental audio as I play guitar. Searching this forum and the web at large, I find that most guides typically direct me to a usb mic such as the Blue Yeti. Should I not be utilizing my new sound card rather than bypassing it with usb? Can I not simply buy a xlr microphone and an adapter to convert the cable to 6.3 mm? Would I need a preamp to do this successfully, or will the sound card's 600 ohms headphone amp provide the necessary power to make this work?
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