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Help with logitech keyboard... Please

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So I hope I can get a fast reply...

Well I play games a lot on PC and I found 3 keyboards which I am interested in which are pretty cheap. I don't want to spend too much anyway on mechanical keyboards, Razer products etc...

But the 2 are:
Logitech Media K200
Logitech K120
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Pretty sure the MK120 is the mouse and keyboard combo, same keyboard as the K120...

EDIT: Yeah, looks like the MK stands for mouse + keyboard. biggrin.gif
And the major difference is the K200 has convenient media controls whereas the K120 does not.
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There's other brands too, some of which have good sales. I like Gigabyte's peripherals lately:


$1 cheaper than the K120 right now, worth looking into I think.
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Don't really like the looks, and I don't think they have those in the store...
I would generally like more suggestions as I am going tomorrow lol xD

But now I know MK is mouse and keyboard... That leaves the:
K120 and Media K200

Are any of them better for gaming?
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They're practically the same thing, aside from the media controls on the k200. And they're about as good for gaming as any budget keyboard would be. Your only decision between the 2 is media controls or no media controls.
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