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well couple of days while cleaning the rig - i accidently yanked the modular cables molex type which was powering the mobo , at the time i did not realize this so in haste i accidently pluged the molex connector to the pci express modular section where in fact it should have been in the peripheral modulat section .

when i turned ont he rig suddenly there was slight smoke and the rig turned off - i did not know what had happened - i realized the mistake and quickly removed the cable and checked what had burnt .

i thought maybe there were the fans .

anyway the system turned on and i played bf3 with some friends online and then left the rig on for downloading torrents .

next day i thought i clean the rig up again ---but this time i did not do any thing ---as soon as i turned on the rig - there was a hissing sound and a fire like blaze and the rig turned off again - the smell of burnt material was there all write.

i noticed that part of the ram area the 4 slots near the external bay area was burnt - i removed my rams , gpus , cooler etc and took out the board --

it was burnt from near the ram slot .....strange .....why did this happen .

i also recently installed gskill ripjaws cl11 quad channel rams rated at 1.6v ----but i was in the safety zone for voltage ---i am confused if the rams burnt the mobo or was it my initial mistake which did it --

but if it was then why did the mobo work for 48 hours before totally deying on me.

the rams i then took out and checked them in a friends rig and they all work fine 16gb cl11 @ 1.6v