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Chrome issue

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I recently put an older SSD into my older dell latitude laptop with a fresh install and have a strange issue with Chrome. When I mouse over a list of graphics that change when they are moused over, i.e. latest discussions/news on the OCN front page or slickdeals front page arranged in the 'simple' mode, there seems to be lag of some sort. Basically, if I mouse down through one of these list the graphic doesn't happen instantly but leaves a trail of sorts that takes a part of a second to catch up with my mouse. If i mouse over the list moving up and then mouse down quickly I'll still see the animations being activated going up and then coming back down to match my mouse movement with a delay. This doesn't happen in firefox or IE in windows. Also, this does NOT happen in the linux distribution of chrome beta (I boot ubuntu 12.10 for a secondary internal HDD). Any ideas?

*I have re-installed it with no change
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I'm thinking that it may be a plugin or just chrome itself. Chrome used to be pretty good and somtime's it still is, but just not the same.
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It looks like I solved my issue via the google forums, from this post:

"I found a solution which seems to work for me:
I disabled the following in about:flags

- GPU compositing on all pages
- Accelerated 2D canvas

It looks like Chrome on my system has it's problems with hardware acceleration."

Are there any foreseeable problems that this could present?
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Well not from how I see it, nope.
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