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3770k Multiplier Dropping (Prime95)

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Hello Fellow OCs,

So I just felt like running Prime95 since I have been stable for a while now at 4.5 @ 1.4v and I noticed after the first set of the 12 tests my multiplier keeps dropping for x45 to x35 sometimes for a while. My temps are completely normal around 70s when this happens nothing crazy. I have also noticed on one test of prime95 as well that one of my core loads on Core Temp dropped from 100% load to 50% load.

So Two Issues

(1) Multiplier Drops even with safe temps

(2) Core Load is dropping from 100% to 50% on one of the runs (maybe random)

What would you say is going on?
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wow 1.4v for 4.5 and its not deliided or overheating? I would like a screen shot of your cpu running prime with cpu-z and realtemp for temps than we can go from there. Also a full list of you rig specs would be nice too.

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Ok one sec
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Case Corsair Obsidian Series 550D
Intel Processor Intel Core i7-3770K
CPU Cooling Asetek 570LX High Performance Liquid Cooling (240mm Radiator)
Intel Motherboard ASRock Z75 Pro3 [VGA DVI HDMI] SATA 6Gb/s USB3 {4 DDR3
Memory 16GB (4x4GB) DDR3 1600MH
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5 mins in
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Have you disabled 'EIST' in the bios?
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hmm does it throttle when you are only in prime or is that what you see when just running basic tasks. Also temps in prime usually don't get to max until 30 minutes in. I am thinking there still might be throttling seems to be a pretty high temp 5 min in
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I will check but I believe it is enabled
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No the multiplier drops only during prime95
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