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the eist setting will only allow the cpu to drop to 1600mhz at idle and voltage too so that wont affect why you are throttling
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Originally Posted by pwspong View Post

No the multiplier drops only during prime95

Try to anyways disable it and see what happens.
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by the way my radiator is at the top of my case which has two 120mm fans (set up as pull) on top of it.
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so just run prime95 for 30 minutes and post another screen shot. but first go into your bios and I am not sure with your board but if you have a turbo settings you will want to increase you cpu power limit on mine factory is 100% I change it to 140% when overclocking.
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Ok I will post at 30 mins. Is it it safe to continue running when my mulitplier drops/ load % drops on core temp?
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as long as you aren't hitting 100c on the cores it is prolly just a setting in your bios like I just said to check first and all will be solved but yes it would be safe to let it run while its throttling if it is because of a power limit setting
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Here it is dropping to x35 at test 12
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Speedstep was disabled. I cannot find an option under my BIOS for increasing cpu power limit

I have options like

Long Duration Power Limit (only option auto)
Long Duration Maintained (Seconds)
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ok I will look at your mobo manual real quick and if you are on windows7 or win8 please use the snipping tool for your screen shots its installed on win7 and 8 from the factory you'll have it
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Will do thank you
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