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Liquid TEC Concept

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Hi all, ok so I am running up against a wall on a project I am working on, so far I am in the research stage of things. So as of at this time, I am doing mostly fact finding and designing. Anyway let me get to the nuts and bolts of it.
I am designing a series of TEC water blocks and Water chiller solutions for a small startup I am working to do. I am looking to design a cooling solution list that can maximize cooling for a system even if in a small case. Now I am aware that TEC is not very efficient and requires a different power management setup than from what is normal in most PC’s, at the same time I also understand liquid cooling is easier to do, but is only as good as the ambient temp and radiator.
My problem is finding the most efficient way to build a maximum efficiency TEC liquid blocks and water chillers. How to power it all if you ask, I have one of my friends designing a controller that uses USB for data and Molex for power, the PCBs of the controller have one for data and control and the other for proper power output. So as of right now I need help with the cooling concept, which is how to use TEC and liquid together is a way that is thermally and energy efficient. So far I am at a loss as to what to do, one idea is a TEC plate to directly cool the CPU and for graphics the Card and Memory, than a liquid plat to cool the hot side, or for the water chiller, do it as a TEC Radiator hybrid where the TEC is built into the Radiator that way the fins could have air blown through to cool the Hot side of the Plates if that makes any sense.
Like I said, I am hitting a mental roadblock. Any and all help would be liked, this is not my first time working with this stuff, but it is my first time on working on it in a way that needs to meet such high levels of quality. Because I am looking to design this all to be both sold and stand alone parts or as closed loop solutions.
Thank you all.
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Hi Daib.....let me first say that I've no expertise in use of tec's and my only experience was when I tried to source some to use with my current chillbox build.

Here is a link I was given by Drewmister that I found very very informative...especially the sections about the size in terms of the tec's power that is required for cooling a cpu/gpu.


The long and short of it regardless of the "stated" power of the tech you actually have to consider another value (I forget which now but the article will tell you)......you will be very lucky if you can find an individual tec of sufficient rating to directly cool an overclocked cpu let alone a power hungry gpu.

Your other idea about cooling the water radiator with the tec's would remove the power limit issue of the tec's as you could use as many as your power source would allow. But you would have another problem that as the water went below ambient then your radiator would absorb heat from the atmosphere rather than removing it.

I think the best answer would be a two stage water loop system. The first stage would consist of your cpu/gpu water blocks pumping through a reservoir of some description which is being cooled by a bank of several tec units.

The second loop would come from your water chiller and cool the hot side of the tec units.

I don't know what temps you hope to achieve but if your hoping for very low then there may be another problem in that others that have tired such combined cooling have found that as you cool the tec's hot side down to really low temps they cannot maintain the stated temp delta's between their hot and cold sides...so you don't end up with as low a temperature as you may have hoped for.
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