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The maximum temp that any of my cores got to was 80 exactly after a good 15 minutes of running prime. They usually fluctuated between low 70's and sometimes jumping up a little higher close to 80. overall I have noticed about 2-4C drop in my temperatures without hooking up my other fan for push/pull. With push/pull i got an average of 3-5C drop of temps but my graphics card temps were being sacrificed, rasing by 4C Idle and 5-6C load. So I went ahead and put the fan back under my card. The extra 1C average on my cpu was not worth that sacrifice. I am still tinkering with it and going to drop the PLL down to 1.5 and see how stable that will run my system. Unfortunately, my 3770k will not let me go any lower on the Vcore than 1.275 at 4.5GHz..


So far so good at 1.5PLL. No BSOD yet. and temps dropping little by little. maybe I can push it a little lower thumb.gif might try upping the clock speed to 4.6 and upping the Vcore to accommodate and see if my temps stay around the same.
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