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Hello all,

Ok where to start, I don't mean to be too much trouble to anybody here with my questions.

Anyways I am currently running an i7 3770k OC'd to 4.5 GHZ - Gigabyte Z77x-ud5h - Scythe Ninja Rev.3 heatsink and 16GBs of Kingston HyperX blue edition @1600MHz.. My Vcore voltage is 1.285V and PLL is 1.55V. I have been trying to tweak out as low of voltages as I can to get the lowest temps possible with my OC.

I have heard of LLC and I know what it does but I am not sure if I should leave it on auto or turn it off. My OC is a pretty moderate one. Would turning it off cause me to have to raise Vcore and would it raise my temps if I did so?

Currently when I run P95 the load voltages are as is (1.248V)

these are my idle voltages (this one says 1.260V, sorry for the crappy quality.)

Also is there anyway for me to get lower temps than these by messing with any of the other voltages? As of now I do not feel safe messing with anything other than the Vcore and the PLL. I have heard of people using an offset to get lower temps and so on but I do not really have the time to test all of these things.

I am pretty stable right now. I have not run P95 overnight yet to really see if it is perfect, but as long as my computer runs when I want it to run and is stable doing so I am fine with it.

If anyone has a suggestion on a quick offset I could try and how to do it I will do so to see if it helps with temps any.

Also is there anything else that I could try to get lower temps at this OC? I greatly appreciate anyone's time who cares to read this and help me out here.
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