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Some back history first-
2010- July 2012 =
My previous system that held all the same current components, aside from motherboard and CPU (i5 750 + Asus P7P55D-E pro) worked fine ALL the time.

July 2012- January 2013 =
I purchased a Curcial M4 256gb for my new OS drive. Things would work good, aside from when my computer would wake up from sleep mode. 1/3 times it would wake up to a bluescreen and reboot. I just stopped using sleep mode to avoid this!

January 2013 – Present =
I upgraded my CPU and motherboard (i7 3770k + Asus Maximus V Formula). I did a fresh OS install on my SSD and updated Windows 7 64bit. I do not overclock yet because of my stock HSF (saving for a full-fledged watercooling system).

The bluescreens will still happen after my computer wakes up from sleep. So I try to avoid that.
But what’s more, in the past month or so, my system will just bluescreen out of no where if I leave it sit for too long! I’ll be doing homework, then suddenly I get a blue screen where a counter goes from 0 to 100, and then the system reboots.

So I do some reading and determine, that perhaps the power-saving features in the BIOS and Windows 7 are causing issues with the hard drive. So I switch to high performance mode in windows power settings (yet it keeps switching back to balanced!). And disabled some of the power saving options in the bios.

Since then, I’ve left my computer on, left the room and come back to see the system completely powered off!
My temperatures are fine. 34C CPU and 32C motherboard.

jcgriff2 and perfmon 2202k .zip file

I have attached my BSOD Jcgriff2 + Permon reports as required by

Thank you for your time!thumb.gifthumb.gifthumb.gif

Just to add: My windows will often act up, such that all my browser windows turn pure white, and task manager crashes as well. The system will recover once I get a message saying my display device has failed and recovered. Not sure if it's related. My GPU is the oldest part of my system (4 years?)
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