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oh i wrote it down and the numbers are the same except the 3030 witch i didnt write what issue it had ..
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its rom based should i be extracting it to the usb with a special tool or format usb
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I have now updated bios but the settings didnt change and im still unstable. Can You solve this ? please ask a question or give reason for why i should try your opinion on fixing, we all like to learn something new, for now i'm going to bed i'll be back on in the morning to continue the battle. c ya all then
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If you use this board with phenom better don't go above bios 2101, if you did already downgrade to it and OC will be a lot easyer. 3XXX bios are for buldozer. Also use Asus Update to flash bios under windows.
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Try unplugging the computer from power and pull the battery for the motherboard. I had to do this on my crosshair v several times because it never seemed to reset.
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Oh and leave the battery out for like 10 min or so. Also reseat all your ram. As far as temps go it seems to be reporting them incorrectly. So your processor nay or may not be running at 80C. Just assume it is to be safe lol.
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okay next moves are, opening case reseat ram and removing cmos battery, will also be changing bios to the 2 version, will let yous know how it goes
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will be looking for any loose plugs ect while shes opend, anything else i should tamper with ?
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Remove dust from the heatsinks on the GPU and CPU.
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