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Hi all

I have been having a big problem recently I think it was since I upgraded to an SSD but I also upgraded to W8 at the same time.

Randomly, could be from 10 second on desktop to 6 hours of working, my pc will just become unresponsive. I can still move the mouse around load up folders but, if I was to go into say open my Pictures folder then that folder window will lockup and it does not show any of the image tiles just the blank image template. Once it unfreezes it shows all the tiles and images correctly. As long as you don't click anything it seems to be working normally but you can spam shortcuts like crazy and nothing, then about 50 of them will popup once the pc becomes responsive again.

Been really bugging me and beginning to happen more and more often. Im sure its not a virus done plenty of scans to check none turned up.

Thanks all