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Project "Chasing Dreams" (600T black 'n white)  

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Hello dear fellow overclockers, modders, enthusiasts, ...

I say 'fellow', but for me the adventure has actually just begun. I've posted logs on a couple other sites already, but I thought it'd be fun, interesting and encouraging for me to hear what you guys and girls have to say about what I'm doing to my build.

It has been going on for quite a while now. But it still ain't finished! The general plan is to move toward fully watercooling this build (which you'll see towards the end)

Why 'Chasing Dreams'? Because we all know that a build like this is never really completely finished. There is always something you can do or think of, that can be done different or better. Me, I keep on dreaming about lots of things I could do with this build, but for the moment that's all I can do, dream. The black/white theme and the lighting just adds to the dreamyness of this build. I give you: Chasing Dreams ;-)

Hardware specs now: (31/03/2013)

- Corsair 600T White
- MSI Z77 MPower
- Intel i5 2500K
- Noctua NH-D14 (with enermax cluster fans)
- 8gb Corsair DDR3-1600 vengeance lp
- Asus GTX 660Ti
- Corsair AX850
- Scythe Kaze Master Pro 5,25 fancontroller
- ...

The first thing I did which I believe could be classified under 'modding', was sleeving.

The specs were different at that time. (AMD X4 640 with 5770's crossfired and some ocz golden value ram (ugh tongue.gif))

My very first attempt at sleeving! I was só proud of this biggrin.gif

Did all the front panel cables with some SATA sleeve:

My first crimping! ^^ (to make a fan extension cable)

Sleeving the MOLEX-cable was a challenge. Lutro0 said in his video-guide that one could practically only sleeve to up to 2 connectors on each cable or something. Well, I beat that without having to re-crimp anything (ask me how later) biggrin.gif

The double sleeved wire problem I tackled like this: (again some fresh thumb-wounds tongue.gif corsair could really make their psu-cables easier to remove)

24pin worked out pretty well ^^

So this was how it looked up till then;

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Onwards to some new parts then thumb.gif

Scythe Himuro to hide the HDD:

NZXT leds:


Got this second hand:

And this brand spanking new!

How beautiful is this wubsmiley.gif

PLANS! IDEAS! DREAMS! So many of them! biggrin.gif

The plan is to install a 2x120mm radgrill in the front in stead of that 200mm fan. (watercooling-ready wink.gif)
I'm also going to try to make a cover in acrylic to devide the motherboard-area and the psu-area. I have white and black acrylic on the way, we'll see what fits best...

This is going to be my first 'real' modding-deed, so fingers crossed!
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Step 1 is fitting a 240mm radgrill in the front of the 600T. I wasn't really happy with the way the grill looked though (little too restrictive), sooo...

New toy:

This is the idea, but then on the inside of the case:

The grill sticks out quite far. The bottom of the drive bay will have to come out either way for a radiator and fans, but I'll have to find something to attach the grill in a somewhat decent fashion...

My ideas for watercooling this case were heavily inspired by the video that TTL did on youtube. Lets see if it can be done tongue.gif
I have serious doubts about an XSPC EX360 in the top though. This isn't a 30mm rad but a 35,5mm one. That's júst a little too much me thinks. The heatsink at the top of the MSI MPower motherboard comes right to the edge so... We'll see ^^

Aaaand, that came out nicely...

Front view. Time to try out that file-thingy from Dremel again ^^


These rivets will have to come out though. The radgrill has to be able to lay flat against the front (from the inside). It's not a very clear picture, but you 'get the picture' ;p right?

Oh yeah, I plan on going for these for the front rad:

A second hand Phobya G Changer 240 rad and Alphacool D5 pump are on their way too! Then I can put those in and measure a couple of things smile.gif

So much for those rivets. The radgrill can now be attached flat to the front.

A bit of thinking about what to do with the top...

And I couldn't resist making the first cuts tongue.gif

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And the top is done! (I thought, but forgot about the plastic bits tongue.gif)

The plastic bit that has to go:


Then the plastic from the top grill has to be cut in order to fit fans up top.
Just unclip these things:

Cut, done.

So then, second hand watercooling material arrived! biggrin.gif

How it's supposed to go in the front:

Pump. Alphacool D5:

Some nice sleeving again wink.gif

I managed to get the 240 rad in the front! Hell yeah.
Maybe it doesn't look thát great, but with the front bezel on, it's pretty ok. I think I'm going to be quite proud of this when it's finished.

Test fitting motherboard again, to get an idea of what to do with the grommets among other things...

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And at last, a couple of days ago my new GPU arrived. Asus GTX 660Ti !

And a couple of these for the other side of the front radiator ^^

Meanwhile in modding land... I got my hands on a spare side panel biggrin.gif let's see if a nice window can come of this:

_____ This is were it's at right now. 01 april '13. Stay tuned!
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I just came back from the hardware store, got some discount stuff, being the poor bugger that I am biggrin.gif

And thanks to the grandpaps ! A jiggedy jiggedy jigsaw!

I'll sacrifice to the mod gods if this ends well...
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Did I tell you that I got my hands on a spare side panel? ...

To be finished...
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Time to file some edges...
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Awesome build love where this is going.
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I just did a 600t and had to do a lot of cutting I am liking this. Good stuff.
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