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haha I had a birthday pie last month. everyone thought it was weird not to have cake. Anyways looking forwasrd to some updates. Also NightAngel ^ I hope thats from Brent Weeks novels. Loved the Night Angel Trilogy
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I didnt knew about the novel xD.I just didnt knew what user name use so i picked up thath cuz my name is angel and i just added night xD . By the way why you didnt wanted a cake for your birthay ? the one on the picture looks great biggrin.gif . Also here in my house the last week i have my sisters birthay and father days so it was cake for both days biggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by jokrik View Post

I've no idea how I could miss this log in the forum
this is AMAZING, love the attention to details
and that side panel looks incredible, any plan to change to glass rather than acrylic for the window? It will look more solid and no scratches for the future, just saying the side panel is so perfect that I think it would go well with the perfect window material smile.gif

Maybe I will change it too glass, good idea tongue.gif need to get my hand on some glass then *-) and decent double sided tape cause the one that's on there now is starting to come loose.

Anyways, UPDATE!

Because the flexing in the front piece for the radiator was not be liked, I went back to the drawing board.

Idea! Great. Now the execution... This is white plexi, rough cut


Now I need holes in the bottom two holes, here:

And here:

And there will probably be more when it develops...

Bolts! (the fan is supposed to sit inside the cut out in the plexi. it can but it didn't in this picture -_-)

More bolts!

This is how it's supposed to be bolted into the front. More holes will be drilled, be patient tongue.gif need to get longer screws and there's an aluminium layer going to cover that plexi with little cut outs to show some white plexi... Get it? No? You'll see tongue.gif

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Nice update!
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Got these yesterday:

And I just made an aluminium plate to go on top of the plexi one, on top of the radgrill in the front.

More holes need to be drilled. I think I'll reuse the top ones of the original 200mm fan in the front...
And then I'll brush the aluminium and paint it black smile.gif then re-fit the front rad, see if everything still fits tongue.gif and finaly make the psu cover/SSD holder/reservoir holder.
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Brushing aluminium!

- Put it on something sticky so it can't move. (like masking tape in this case)

- Clean with nail polish remover or something that just cleans it good. (I used acetone)

- And then sand it! I went with P100 first, then did it with P220. Start at the top -> go to bottom. Lift it up, set it at top again and go to bottom again. (not just down ánd up sanding) And keep going till you go over the bottom edge ^^

This was the result on my 'testing piece':

And this on the 'real piece':

Not bad me thinks ^^

Primed it up. Now waiting for the first black coat...

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I succeeded in bending plexi without a hot air tool! tongue.gif this is só simple, let me explain...

Boil water in a deep or wide enough kettle. And put the plexi in the boiling water just a little further then the corner you want to bent.

Keep it there for a while (10-20 seconds or so) until you feel it becoming flimsy. Take it out, put it on the edge of something and bend.

The bended piece wasn't too straight in my case. So I put it in again, and then held it and flattened it like this:


This is how it's supposed to go in the case. I may have made it just a little too high though...

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So there we go, cutting some plexi again.

One white sheet and one clear sheet. The clear sheet comes underneath the white.

As such:


This has to be cut out

And these

Nice smile.gif

Now I need to think a little on how I'm going to run some front panel cables. Then make the aluminium cover that goes over the white plexi. And then measure out the pump/reservoir and SSD position. Then adding piece of paper and leds and make it sit stable on the psu.

I'm also still painting layers on the front piece of aluminium, but it accidently caught some dust. I'll need to work out something to get rid of that.
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Looking good Gurt. Did you consider not having the bent plexi and just gluing the box together? Either way good work on bending it.

Also are you making it a slight panel?
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I really like the curves. It would really match the aesthetics of the 600T in my opinion thumb.gif
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