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NZXT Alpha HDD glides/slides

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I got an old computer from a friend a while back, and instead of selling it for a couple hundred bucks I think I'm going to keep it. The case is an NZXT Alpha black.

Problem is, he doesn't have any of the original hard drive glides except for one pair, and I plan on sticking a bunch of spare drives in it. Does anybody know what type of glides would work? It seems the only way to get the NZXT Alpha specific glides is to contact NZXT support, so I'm curious if anybody knows of other glides that would work instead. Or really of any other way to secure the hard drives in a way that'll allow me to swap drives easily.
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Take a pic of the slides that you have. I have some from a NZXT case and I'll see if they match.
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ah yeah pictures, I should have included those from the beginning. Sorry for the amateurish low quality shots, hopefully they offer enough detail. I would think there has to be another type of glide I could use, since I need 4 more pairs. Whatever I can get that's the cheapest and easiest to acquire would be best tongue.gifWarning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

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What's your zip code?
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Do you have glides that will work?
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I believe I do from a old NZXT Lexa-S. If you want to take the gamble I think shipping is like $6.
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my zip code is 97062, do you have 4 pair? They look like they'd probably work and about $6 would be a decent price. I'll have to wait a bit because there's a slight chance the guy who gave the computer to me will find the original rails, I asked him to look for them. They're probably long gone though.
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I have 2 different pairs for 4 total. They should both work.
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cool, I'll PM you after I do a double check with my friend to make sure he doesn't have the originals, might be in a couple days, and we'll figure everything out. Thanks!
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No problem, anything I can do to help! biggrin.gif
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