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i am have p5q pro turbo and i need some advices about this system :

M.B:asus-p5q pro turbo
CPU:CORE2QUAD Q6600 cooler:Evercool Buffalo
RAM:2*2GB DDR2 Kingston
GPU:AXLE GeForce 9800GT 1GB DDR3 256bit
P.S:mustiff 550w
H.D: WD 320 blue caviar 8m cache

what the is the softwares that is important for the board and OC (i download only the Chipset , Sounds and the LAN drivers!)?
how to do (bios update) stuff ?
is this spec. good for OC?
can i OC my GPU too ?
what you recommend for me ?

any ideals i will be pleased biggrin.gif