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Double Post.
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Triple Post...***? tongue.gif
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OK LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! I just got my phone. cool.gif

Paid $30 for 3-5 day UPS and they did not disappoint. Ordered it the 11th, shipped on the 12th, and just arrived at my door step.

I am having one major issue though...don't know if it's the phone, SIM card, settings, or what...but the phone doesn't seem to want to stay connected to Straight Talk. I have the right APN and all that...but it keeps dropping all signal the picking it up then dropping etc. It's weird though because if I'm on the phone it stays connected...odd...

Other than trying to figure that out the phone is amazing. **** GLASS SCREEN!!! I'm sure it's not Gorilla Glass or anything like that, but hey, it isn't plastic. I'm actually quite shocked by this in all honesty as a lot of the phones this size had plastic. I had no idea it was going to be glass is what I'm saying. tongue.gif

Screen is gorgeous and BIG haha...same width as my Note 1 but a tad taller. IPS 720p LCD looks pretty decent having come from a 800p OLED in my Note. Not as much of a difference as I would have thought (blacks aren't inky dark but that was to be expected...still good though). Honestly besides the contrast and ever so slightly more washed out colors (not bad just not BOLD like OLED) I honestly can't tell a difference. Was kind of worried that going from a 5.3 inch 800p to a 5.7 inch 720p text and stuff might not look as sharp. This isn't so.

Build quality is very nice as well. If I didn't know any better and someone told me it was a Samsung I'd believe them. Very solid, nice build with no hollowness or flex or anything like that. Really liking it. Only problem I can see is that the chrome plating for the ring surrounding the edge of the phone isn't as clean as Samsung. Worried it may eventually peel or something like that. We'll see...might be a defect (it isn't THAT bad I just noticed it really looking at it) and can't speak on behalf on all cheaper Chinese phones.

13,534 Antutu! Easily smokes my Note and feels very fast and fluid. Surfing the web and what not I can tell an immediate difference. Definitely a worth while speed increase.

Anyways...got to try and figure out this signal problem. I'll write a full review (or maybe YouTube it) if I can get it working properly.
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smile.gif I'm glad you like your new phone smile.gif I can't help with the Straight talk app problem, its not one i'm familiar with. Is it possible the system's putting the app to sleep though, as you say it works when you are on the phone? Its just I know android has lots of power saving features that can suspend apps when the phone's locked/not in use. It may be an avenue to explore.

Anyway, hope you have fun with it. smile.gif
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Trying to root my phone and use a different ROM...I've done this in the past but the instructions I find are VERY vague and way over my head to figure out.

Like I said though, other than the SIM issue the device itself is great. Really no complaints. Kinda thinking the screen may not be IPS though...Colors get really washed out/whited out when at angles...no color changes mind you, but washed out. I don't know...for $200 I have zero complaints though about quality.
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Well I used a tool called SuperOneClick, which seemed quite successful at rooting my phone. You have to turn on USB debugging on your phone, and you'll have to get the MTK drivers in your system so the PC can see the phone too. on the phone I used an app called root validator to confirm it was rooted too.

you can get a copy of superoneclick from my webserver - http://lesley.homeip.net/SuperOneClickv2.3.3-ShortFuse.zip

And here's the root validator I used - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=eu.thedarken.rootvalidator&feature=search_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwyLDEsImV1LnRoZWRhcmtlbi5yb290dmFsaWRhdG9yIl0.

rooting is a bit tricky - it took me about an hour to figure it out properly all in, but i eventually got there. Best way is to get the MTK driver in your system, turn on the USB debugging on your phone in your settings, download the rootvalidator tool onto the phone, then try superoneclick to root it. after its rooted and rebooted, you can use the validator tol to check its done right. Mine didnt do it right the first time, i think it took me 3 goes to get it done properly.

As for adding a new ROM, i'd be careful, cos you could possibly brick your phone. Maybe the folk more experienced in android can help here. smile.gif
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I don't know what the problem is. Phone is getting progressively worse. Will be returning it and have already opened a dispute on PayPal.

Definitely not discouraged though! Will be picking another one up until I get it right. Might see about going with a 5-inch 1080p the 2nd time around though. We'll see...I do love the 5.7 inch display though...
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Well it would seem like the company I bought this from (Antelife) doesn't want to respond to the emails I've sent them. Before getting the phone my emails were answered within a few hours...I've got nothing from them so far.

Opened a dispute on PayPal and they seem to have no problem talking and responding to PayPal...seems like they don't want to give customer support after the buyer gets the item and instead would rather keep my money and leave me with a paper weight.

Will definitely be going with a different company with my next phone. Just...be warned...
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Did you ever figure out the signal issue? I have the same phone and it does the same thing.
Once connected it is fine. But it will take hours to send a text sometimes. Just sit and keep saying sending. Its the only phone I have and I want to break it.

I have missed several calls from a few girls. I can't take it.
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