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Ram Suggestions

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As the title states I am looking for ram suggestions. I posted last year when I built my pc, and everyone on this forum gave me great suggestions. I bought this ram based on suggestions from this site, and I love the fact it fits under my CPU cooler (hyper 212 evo.) Here are my current specs, and I am looking for something low profile....

Intel 3770K
Asrock Z77 Extreme 4
Samsung 2X4gb from newegg http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820147096
Corsair force 3 SSD X2
Dual EVGA 680 4GB
Corsair AX850 PSU
Coolermaster Haf X case
Windows 7

I will be updating to Haswell when it is available (I get Intel stuff really cheap,) probably a 4770K and possibly the motherboard at that time as well. For now I just want to increase the amount of ram I have. Any suggestions? I have tried to find recent reviews, but really could not find much.

Thanks in advance!
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Corsair Vengeance LP White is the low profile RAM that I use in my main system. The fact that it is not only low profile, but also low voltage is a nice draw. The biggest draw back is that it doesn't OC much, if at all; mine are slightly over-volted (1.38ish) and run with standard timings @ 1700Mhz. Newegg is selling it for about $14 more than I paid, so you might want to look around.

In an A10 build, I installed some G.Skill Ares RAM. I didn't try to OC, but I did under-volt it and it performed very well down at 1.4v and it still let me tighten the timings a bit. It comes in color options unlike the Corsair, which is a nice bonus.

I believe that you already have the Samsung "WonderRAM" which is a beast at overclocking. If you can keep trucking with those, it might be worthwhile.
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This http://legitreviews.com/article/2138/ has got good reviews here and in many PC mags generally besides being a good supplier. Just curious have you checked the cost of a GTX 690? I got mine new OEM in the UK for the price of 2 680's.
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I actually got a very good deal on my 680's. I had considered the 690 but when this came along I could not pass it up.
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Thanks for the suggestions. I will look into all of this! I really wish I could find more samsung ram.
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