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I am looking at some Lian Li cases and have noticed this case. I like it a lot but I am a bit skeptical/not sure I'd spend $200+ on it. I love that is all aluminium, and from what I've heard it is very high quality and sturdy. I've never owned a Lian Li before.

There is not too much info or reviews online. I was wondering if it would fit my current parts?

Asrock Extreme 4 ATX p67 1155
Corsair HX750 Semi modular ( 8pin,24pin are not)
Evga gtx 570 ( I think this is a bit shorter than other 570s)

And Phanteks big @$$ cooler biggrin.gif

The phanteks cooler has been purchased and will be delivered tomorrow, but it was meant to go in my old Switch 810 case which I don't have anymore.

So, I may return/refuse the shipment and get another cooler if it doesn't fit.. I would love it to fit though biggrin.gif

Also the cable management looks to be terrible or non existent. I'm not sure where the thick 24pin cable will go.

There is also a bigger version of this case ; v750 which is sexier, but it is overpriced even on the sale right now. But I do have the cash made from a sale of unused parts ($350).