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Had my system made for me by Scorptec here in Oz and noticed one card was running hot, up to 20c hotter, and yes it was the top card in sli, im aware of that bit. Contacted them and was sent a bios to "fix the issue. I followed their instructions and over the weekend have noticed that it did reduce temps a little, i now have one card, the bottom "cooler" card, running 13-26% mhz slower than the top card, and also gpu usage is fluctuating, whereas before it was more stable

So i contacted them to day and was told that the bios was made for them, by Asus, because this run of cards did run hot, and the 20 or so systems just like mine they built before did not have the overheat issue and that if it is running ok, the differnce in speed of the cards etc is not a problem. However, i see it this way. They built my system, with known hot cards, and their "fix" is to slow the cards, and has also caused other issues, therefore making my cards inferior to the ones i ordered in good faith. Seems like a good case for a RMA? Or will i have deal with it?