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Wanted: 7870 XT/7950/660 TI/670

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Don't need any fancy do-dad's or anything. As long as it's in good condition and everything works. Willing to pay more depending on the model. Not interested in modded bios.

7870 XT
170 for powercolor
190 for sapphire

200 for reference
210 for DCII/twin frozr/windforce
220 for DCIIO
230~250 for DCII top/lightning

660 ti
210 for reference/PE
220 for DCII/twin frozr/windforce
230 for DCIIO
240~260 for DCII top/lightning

250 for reference excluding PNY
260 for DCII/twin frozr/windforce
270 for DCIIO/TI 3GB
280~300 for DCII top/lightning
320 for 4GB models
340 for FTW+ 4GB

updated with more models
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