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tt esports ryujin

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hi guys anyone know which sensor is inside tt esports ryujin mouse? it looks like azurues mini but has only 1000dpi but price is encourage.
i would be very grateful for answer my question.

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Sorry for archaeological excavation, but it can be useful information to someone - on the sensor is written A2070.
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Sounds interesting, can you make a inside picture or see what kind of lense is in use? o: smile.gif
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This is not my mouse, but I will try to get some pics.
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I have a surprise for you, which can reward no photos.Mushabelly tested the mouse.

The shape for finger and claw grip evaluate well. He is HSP, but still it happens to him losing the cursor. LOD is very very high, You can measure it with packs of matchbook tongue.gif. Feeling is good. USB3 does not work.
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You made a mistake there, (A2700) tongue.gif

Mini speed boost at 1000hz (125hz 0.95m/s as mentioned above). The cursor goes sometimes really crazy (happend to me three times in a 15 minute game - not sure here, maybe fast reposition causes this, instead of high/max speed), but the shape is nice.
The shell feels cheap, but the weight (68gr.) is balanced and adequate. Also the horiz. sensor position is (-25mm-x-33mm-), for those who care.

Ps. Ingame i have used at first 8.5cm/360 then 14cm/360, worked ok for me.
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19*19. 250 multiples in terms of resolution. 2400 typical frame rate. 30 IPS rating.

Quite office grade.
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Thanks! At least a little bit skylight in these dark days (bad weather here). smile.gif OT: Is there a mouse (except the rzr viper), which utilizes the A2051 or a close relative?
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Very early Agilent optical tech. Became outdated relatively quick as there was actually innovation and progress back during that time.

A2051 = 16*16. 2300 typical framerate. 14 IPS rating.

Would assume it uses 200 resolution base multiplied up to 800. Default resolution is 400.

Closest thing might be an early Intellimouse Optical/WMO before the quick switch to ST.


Even older.. biggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by Thunderbringer View Post

You made a mistake there, (A2700) tongue.gif
rolleyes.gif Typo / schoolboy mistake. I suspected that it might be, when I tried to find more information about the sensor.
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