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7950 Gigabyte WF3 and VRMS

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hello, im pretty worried with my gpu cause his VRM is reaching almost 80º in Valley and heaven with the fans at 70% i haved it OC 1150/1500 and i tried lower the voltage for improve the temps but this version is voltage locked at 1.24... im worried cause now in my country its winter and is reaching 75º-80º in benchs or latest games in ultra settings... should i be worried with this temps? the gpu temps are great 65º max in all benchs but the VRMS are toasting! i heard VRMS can work at 110º-120º but im not sure, thanks!
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I would have to look up the specifics for your card but in general those temps are pretty acceptable. Depending on your case and fan configuration it may be good, it may be bad. More specs would help.

Fan configuration
Fan types
Ambient temp
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case : aercool strike x-one advanced

1 frontal fan, 1 back fan, and noctua nh-d14, 20º ambient temp, i set the fan speed on afterburner like this: 60º-60% 70º-70%
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Have you left the fans at stock settings to see what the temps are like?
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case fans? yes almost the same temps, maybe 1-2º less but the question is : my card is faulty? or wf3 have this vrm temps normally?
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EDIT: Just read that your card is voltage locked... damn.. can check temps for you later if you want.

If I were you I'd try flashing the F43 BIOS to your card (unless it's voltage locked)

In my experience the F43 BIOS generally runs cooler (including VRMs) than any of the GHZ BIOSes

Unsure if your VRM temps are normal.. can check mine in a couple of hours if you want. (can test GHz and non GHz versions for you).

Have a look at the link here (done in windows through a GUI):

Or through command line:

Most people will recommend you do it through a bootable USB drive with atiflash on it, my experience has been that only using atiwinflash worked for me - if you are going to do it try flashing via command line first.

Gigabyte 7950 WF3 BIOS can be downloaded from here:
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