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Hi guys!

Seen that tomorrow I'm getting my new WC-loop, I thought to check if my NZXT Sentry LX still works. So I powered down my pc, plugged a cable into my Seasonic x-760, connected it to my fan controller and started my pc. While it was booting, I notice this something was burning. Once in windows, I put my pc in sleep mode (usually faster than shutting down that soon after a new start) and disconnected my fan controller. What happened is, that I didn't pay attention when I plugged the cable into my psu and so I didn't notice that I plugged the peripheral cable into my 8 pin +12v power connector (the 6 pin connector of the 4 pin peripheral cable has the same layout as the 8 pin power connector). So instead to feed my controller with +12v and +5v I fed it with +12v (red) and +12v (black). I have a spare psu witch I connected to the controller and jump started it: the controller seems to be working fine. I also tested it for a few minutes on the pc, and works fine too. Thought, the pcb still smells like burned. What is the worst that could happen to my system if something got burned on the controller and I use it in my system? Could it damage other components? I probably should add, that it is a workstation which runs an average of 16 hrs a day.

Thanks in advance