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Asus VE228H vs. VE228H-P

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Which one of these would be better for gaming? To me they seem exactly the same. The first one seems like the base is stronger, but second one has a 50,000,000:1 DCR vs 10,000,000. Does the DCR really make a difference or is it just a gimmick? I am leaning more towards the first because it also has built in speakers, but if anyone can help me out with my choice I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
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Does anyone have either of these monitors?
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Those absurd contrast ratios are only possible through gimmicky adjustment of the backlight depending on the scene. It sucks balls to be honest, I find it hard to believe anyone in history has actually used it. It just sells more panels. But they seem exactly the same to me too. If you want a good gaming panel though, move up to the VH232H. Mine has served me faithfully for a long time now, even though it has a CCFL in the back and not the LED the new ones have.
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Well I have to shop at bestbuy.com because I have a gift card there lol but thanks for the suggestion. So there would be no difference between these 2? Also, if I plug my ps3 into one of these, will there be less input lag? My LCD tv has pretty noticeable input lag lol
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Nope, no difference other than stand quality and included speakers. Just go with the first one. As for the input lag, it will most likely improve. It's hard for me to say because it's a PS3, but I know if it was a PC you had hooked up it would be almost guaranteed you'd have less input lag. A lot of cheaper TV's are just designed for 24fps TV/movie viewing and not anything else.
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Yeah my tv is a cheap insignia LCD from like 2 years ago lol. I'm hoping it will improve
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Just noticed the second monitor starts with a "vs", not a "ve" like the first. What is the difference between these series?
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The vs monitor seems to be getting better reviews
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The only difference is the inclusion of speakers on the H, just pick one lol.
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