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jumbled keys?

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so i was mid-assignment when my keyboard decided to hate me. i have reinstalled drivers, sys restore, mbam, reg clean, all to no avail. i am running windows 7 x64 ultimate, and the keyboard is a zippy bl-741.

i have checked the language and layout and its all correct. to demonstrate the issue, i will press the keys e, m, a, t, q, in a descending order. also, the enter key adds a backslash.


all this happened just out of the blue. while im prepared to spend some $ on a new keyboard, i cannot wait until friday since i need it for work.

edit: i tried on another pc and the issue is the keyboard itself.

edit2: nevermind, it randomly started working again...odd.
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Could it be shoddy soldering?

Chances are that it'll happen again so a new keyboard may be a good thing.
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Not sure. I've had the keyboard probably about a year now and this would be the first time it's happened. I THINK it happened for a few keystrokes once before, but I could be wrong. Either way, nothing like this.

If you've ever seen this keyboard, you'll know it's small. I use it for work everyday so to keep productivity, I'd kinda like to stay in the same range. Gaming keyboards are all nice, but I don't have a use for macros since everything I play is fps. The keyboard I'm looking at is an Eclipse one. I know it got some bad reviews at launch but I can get a decent price on it at the moment. It's roughly the same size as my current keyboard, backlighting is white(which I need to have so it doesn't bother me)and the keys are scissored. Logitech makes a keyboard that also fits this description, but the function keys don't light up and it's 80 bucks so this is the best option.

Also, to be friendly to everyone on this forum in search of a keyboard here is a great deal on a Logitech G110:


I would get that one, but if a client ever sees my workspace it might be a little weird on my part.
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