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Please advise me about this wc build in a 650D with AMD 8350 and GTX 670

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Hey guys I'm working on a wc build to put into my 650D. I want to cover the processor and graphics card (GTX670) and build a system that can handle a second GTX670 if I add one. Can you guys suggest some fittings and tubings that will work with this system? I admit that I haven't really tried to figure out which size fittings and tubings that I'll need. I've just been trying to figure out what my main components are going to be.

Cpu blocks:




The EK one is less expensive and looks like it'll do the job.

GPU Blocks:




I doubt I'll need a full cover block. What do you guys think?





I'm not sure if I need the extra pump. Would it be quieter because both are working less or louder because there are two of them?



I like the idea of mounting the res onto the pump so that I only have to custom mount one thing.





I'm pretty sure that will give me enough dissipation to cover the cpu and one gpu. If I add another gpu I'll add a 200mm radiator.


Three of these:

I'm trying to get all the noise on the PWM system to minimize it.

Thanks in advance for the help.
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It's looking pretty good from what I am seeing.

I am actually on the same boat as you and just finally pulled the trigger on my first water cooling rig. I have the same case but went with an i7 instead. For the top, I went with a 30mm raditator and based on my fittings, it's REALLY tight with 25mm fans. That radiator looks a bit too thick for the top of a 650d if you are planning to mount it there. Have you thought about going 200mm in the front and a thinner 120x2 on the top? I have seen amazing set ups on the 650d so I am sure anything is possible depending on how you want to mount it.

For the pump, I went with a d5 and a EK top as they push pretty hard and is good enough for cpu + gpu.

EK works great and also Heatkiller for your CPU water block. It really depends on preference and your budget at this point.

Looking forward on a build log from you!
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Thanks for the comments. I actually planned to mount both radiators outside of the case, because of the thickness and so that more of the heat they're radiating will stay outside of the case. The case has two holes in the back specifically designed for that. Do you think that's a bad idea?
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There is certainly nothing wrong with mounting it on the outside. I have seen so many mounting positions on the 650d that it possibilities depend on the builder.

Currently, I am trying to do 200mm rad in the front with a fan pulling in air. The back fan is also set up to pull air in from the back while the top is pulling the hot air out. I honestly don't know what the temps and noise will be until I finish building it. I might buy a mesh grill for the side panel and mount an exhaust fan to push air out from there.
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I think the front rad intake is a very good idea.

However, I would be wary to use an intake on the back. Most of the time you've got the power supply blowing hot air out that way and you don't want to bring that back into the case. Add in a graphics card that's blowing out there and you're really re-intaking a lot of heat that you just put out.

I'd say it's better to intake from the front and bottom and exhaust from the back and top.

Exhausting from the top is a no-brainer because heat rises and exhausting from the back is generally good because air is usually flowing from front to back anyway inside a case.

If you're set on having your second rad as an intake (which is probably the best idea because it's going to be passing cooler air through the rad) I think you should try to mount it in three 5.25 drive bays and have it as an intake in the front. That would be in addition to your 200mm rad and fan.

you should be able to do it if you buy one of these:


and then add a fan grill in front of that so your fan blades don't get poke while their spinning.
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