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New mousepad for a Steelseries Sensei.

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Hi, i currently have a Razer exactmat that i have been using since 2007 and its pretty worn out so im looking for a new one.

im looking for a mousepad that will have great tracking with the sensei and hopefully not too expensive, im playing at a pretty low sensitivity (450 DPI) so i would prefer a bigger mousepad than the exactmat i have now.

im debating if i should go cloth or hardpad but i probably would have a hard time getting used to cloth since i have been gaming on this hardpad for 6 years smile.gif
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I reccomend the destructor 2 or the razer mantis or invicta.

The destructor is plastic, so naturally it will wear out faster than a metal pad.

Both mantis and invicta are made out of aluminum, so it will last you just as long if not more than the exact mat.

The destructor 2 is 40 bucks, and the mantis and invicta are about 10-15 bucks more, so imoi would go with one of the metal pads instead.

If you want cloth go with the razer goliathus or something by artisan (if yo can find one)
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QPad Heaton for a big hardpad.
The Puretrak Talent if you decide the soft way. - QCK Heavy as an alternative.
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thx for the replies guys, i think i want a hardpad because im so used to one, the razer hardpad gabsonuro suggested is too small for my liking.

the qpad heaton seems awesome but unfortunately i cant find it here in finland.
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anyone else know of any other hardpads thats a bit bigger than a exactmat? heaton would be great but they dont sell it in finland... remember i want good tracking with a steelseries sensei smile.gif
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i use sx steeleries. But a large hardmat i don't think really exist thats good. Roccat has a nice stuff i stay away from razer because of there quality
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