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AMD water cooler sans the FX-8150 processor.

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So I've been thinking about getting water cooling for quite some time now. Problem is that I'm quite attached to my now very ancient (10 years old) yet still capable aluminum Lian Li PC-68 case. Second problem is that there are NO 120mm fan holes in the case. The case does indeed suffer from serious air flow dynamics problems.

Having just rebuilt my system to a 3.0Ghz Athlon II x4 on an MSI 990FXA-GD80V2 motherboard heat has become a minor (so far) issue that needs addressing. So I decided to drill a 120mm hole in the top of the case and put an all in one in the top three 5.25 inch bays that have clearance all the way to the cases top panel. I might also add another 120mm intake in the side panel above the northbridge and the memory.

With that in mind I went looking for a liquid cooling system that would fit the bill for this. I really didn't want to spend more than $100 for the system. I've read all the reviews of various all in one units. And then ran across this deal on evilbay. An AMD branded liquid cooling system brand new (all parts and CD included.) in the box sans the FX-8150 processor for $54.

This is the same unit from Asetek that is sold as the Antec Kuhler 920. I bit despite the fact that there will probably be NO warranty on this. I figure if it fails I will just get a Swiftech all in one pump and a reservoir and use the existing radiator. Any thoughts?
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Usually, the all in one units do not perform much better than a decent air cooler. However, for 54 bucks, that is not bad. Maybe I am not reading what you typed correctly, but are you saying there won't be a warranty on the cooler?

Also, Please post links to the items you are talking about so we can see what they are.

Pics of your set up would help too, if possible.
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