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Ambidextrous or Ergonomic - Page 2

Poll Results: What do you prefer?

  • 36% (13)
    I like Ergonomic mice more then Ambidextrous
  • 63% (23)
    I like Ambidextrous mice more then Ergonomic
36 Total Votes  
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been playing with the mx510 ever since I started playing cs around 2005... still going strong with that shape, hard to get used to anything else after such a long time smile.gif
really am an AWP beast though
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Ill give my 2 cents of ergonomics vs ambidextrous although I am using now the savu I find ambidextrous shape better for fps games because my pinky will drag on my mousepad wich for me give me more control over stopping and picking up my mouse or feeling the material of the pad so gives me better accuracy.
Although a pinky rest is way more comfortable wich I noticed when I used a cm storm spawn for half a year.

But I prefer sensor over shape wink.gif
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Originally Posted by woll3 View Post

Both, it depends on the shape itself.

I agree with this.
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Ambidextrous by far. I don't think I've had an ergonomic mouse that I actually liked. At best I've been indifferent toward them.
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Why don't we just say it's all up in the air, dependent on the user and hand type/preference. In the end no conclusion was reached.
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I've owned a ton of mice and i got to say personally for gaming over 3 hours straight my hands don't feel tired at all with an ambidextrous mice as well as i have more control over it
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