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one, ASRock less than Extreme 6 are all kinda CRAP. and yes I have an ASRock board.

every chip is indeed different and the next person's voltage might be entirely different.
as a whole or on average 3570K runs on less voltage then the 2500K but some are the excpetion
as my 2500K runs better than my 3570K..

I need 1.312v @ 4.4GHz for my 3570K while my 2500K @ 4.5GHz runs on 1.296v..

edit for update:
update with my 3570K chip, still want a 2700K or 3770K but I'm no longer complaining about high voltages.
not worth swapping it for another 3570K either but who knows with me..

I had to go back and adjust the voltage again, now I max voltage out @ 4.4GHz around 1.336v.
this is gaming voltage as benching voltage seems top be a little lower by 0.005v.
my temps thus far are stellar as case temp shows 23C, CPU package idle is 31C w/ lowest core 24C;
playing Bioshock Inf. and Crysis 3 I max'd @ 67C package and hottest core and I'm on a $40 or so CPU cooling solution.
seems that A.B,C rating of the CPU's is right on with it's predictions and mines a B..

I can live with that but it's just so puzzling.
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