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My First Case Mod - iCAN MB-655

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Hello Everybody,

As the title says, this is my first Case Mod and I hope it goes better than my first build log.

I already started and to tell the truth its already nearing completion. I started on December 26th 2012, one day before i had to go to Jamaica on a vacation. So yea lets begin!

Parts Involved: Ill probably post pics later

AMD Athlon II x3 450
Gigabyte GA 880GM D2H
Kingston Hyper X Blu 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3-1600
Scythe Big Shuriken 2 CPU Cooler
XFX Radeon HD 5670 - Gave to a friend; I saw his XFX Geforce 9600 GSO had popped caps
Topower Nano 500w
iCan MB-655 uATX tower
A variety of fans
HP IDE DVD RW +/- Drive
Samsung Spinpoint 80GB IDE Drive - Has Windows XP 32-Bit from older AMD Socket A PC
Western Digital Caviar 40GB IDE Drive
Maxtor 250GB IDE Drive

This build is for my dad who has no Idea how to use the internet, and really only needs a media box for Netflix.

So heres the original case for now:

To be continued

5 Months later:

So thats essentially the case shell, Ill be back tomorrow probably to post the premod plans

EDIT: 7 months later...
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Yea sorry bout that 7 month gap. This mod is currently paused until i find a tool to cut acrylic/ plexiglass Anyways here is what I went on to do and screw up... Remember kids, HAVE THE FREAKING PROPER TOOLS WITH YOU BEFORE YOU BEGIN A FREAKING MOD!!!

Heres where I should have stopped. If only I had though of building a server earlier! But instead it was my Dad pc, which he couldnt use to save his life (not trying to be offensive but its the truth).
I believe I was planning to shorten the HDD rack to put in a 120mm fan in the front. as well as put in as many left over fans as I could.

But Im glad I put in those cable management holes in the mobo tray.

I was planning to cut the hole out with my Rotary tool (Got it for christmas from my mom, then went to Canadian tire about 3 months ago to see them on sale for about 15 bucks each rolleyes.gif) when my dad said to let him cut it out with one of his hole saws, which would have worked if it was sharp or a bi-metal blade for cutting metal. Instead it only made a mess of my planning sheet placement. So I drilled holes in it the same way I was taught to cut "relief" notches in wood. An then used the dremel (read: crappy rotary tool).

I cut that huge rectangular hole so I could route the PSU cables around the back.

YUP. I should have stopped right then and there. I didnt have a rounded file so everything was pretty jagged until I finally got one, I still need another finer one for smoothing out the edges.

Right after that, I flew to Jamaica for a week, (this is right after boxing day 2012). It got so hot that I found it extremely hard just to walk down the street and back. After I got back I continued to mod BUT I didnt take any pictures... doh.gif Sorry about that
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2nd UPDATE Nov 18 2013:

So Basically the following happened:

- Continued cutting (and ruining the case)
- Scuffed all the panels
- Primed the panels, each twice with white (while raining and in the snow - Bad idea, I know)
- let first coat dry for 24 hours before applying the 2nd
- Painted with a top coat twice and let dry for 24 hours

and here we are:

And test fitting of the parts

Completing the Build (using IDE Drives rolleyes.gif)

Running XBMC! (for about half a day)

Original purpose mod mostly complete, just needed an acrylic window.

And these are my most current pictures after a complete re-purposing.

What happened you ask?
I decided I needed a NAS / Server after moving my main rig into a microATX state; I just had too many hard drives!


- bought two Silverstone CFP52B 5.25" to 2.5" bay converters to use for holding the drives
- cut out the front panel of both the frame and the front bezel/cover which also removed any remaining drive bays
- sanded the top and bottom panels so I could use Bondo to fill them; ummm that didnt work well at all. I definitely should have taken pictures for that mad.gif lets just say I used too much hardener
- removed my poor attempt of fiberglass patching and disassembled the case.

Future plans (not in order):

- cover bottom and top plates with an acrylic panel (gotta find a tool to cut the acrylic first)
- change rear panel fan area to accommodate 2x 80mm fans or 2x 92mm (cant remember which)
- Finally add in that acrylic window
- repaint
- add in vandal switches
- use acrylic panel to reconstruct front bezel and properly fit in fans for both Silverstone CFP52B 5.25" to 2.5" bay converters + DVD drive
- Figure out how to setup that Samba thing in Ubuntu (its driving me nuts) or finally install FreeNAS / NAS4Free without problem (I dont know why Im having a problem
- Shorten cables on my OCZ ZS 650w PSU
- Reverse MicroATX

So yeah, thats all for now.
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Heres a case i got free after a garage sale:

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