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I do live very close to a Microcenter and thats where I got my 3570k, but I dont see the point of buying an unlocked CPU when I am going to be using it in an H77 mobo.

I have been lurking around here and cant seem to find anyone selling any SB IB locked i5s, and on ebay they are going for way to high.

I actually scored this combo on ebay an Asus H61 mATX mobo and the i3 2105 bundled for $40. It was an auction that was about to end and no one was bidding on it and I noticed hidden in his description he stated that motherboard came with free i3 and stock cooler, from the Title it just looked like a H61 mobo for $40 and thats a little too much for that so it didnt get any bids.

I might try to sell the Mobo and CPU on here separately, maybe get $90 out of it and then I wouldnt mind buying a used i5-2400-2500, (non K) hopefully that will keep the price down.

Yeah, you def do not need an unlocked CPU. Was just giving an example. Def save the money and get a locked one.